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The Ten Commandments in America

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The Ten Commandments

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In the early to mids, Cecil B. DeMille enlisted the Fraternal Order of Eagles to help in the production of life-size stone tablets to be placed in cities around the country. For Judge E.

A decalogue of moments in America’s history with the Ten Commandments

Ruegemer, a Minnesotoan and Eagle, who had successfully pushed for paper versions of the Ten Commandments to be posted in juvenile courts throughout America, DeMille had a copy of the Ten Commandments carved out of the red granite of Mount Sinai itself. Sinai, outdoing its own initial extravagance, and debuted to unanimous praise in SEEK to perform regular service for others and for the world.

In , the Supreme Court heard two cases relating to the display of the Ten Commandments and its relationship to the Establishment Clause of the 1st Amendment. The court ruled in favor of removing the Decalogue from two county courthouses in Kentucky, but then ruled against removing a stone display on the grounds of the Texas state capitol building. The rationale of the court was based in a distinction between active and passive displays.

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A decalogue of moments in America’s history with the Ten Commandments | OUPblog

The belief that the Decalogue is the font of all American law and the basis of our government is treasured by many Religious Right activists. The Founding Fathers rarely, if ever, cited the Ten Commandments during the creation of the American government. The scholars, brought together by Steven K. American law, they pointed out, was also influenced by the writings of William Blackstone, John Locke, Adam Smith and others as well as the Magna Carta, the Federalist Papers and other sources. No respected scholar of legal or constitutional history would assert that the Ten Commandments have played a dominant or major role, or even a significant role, in the development of American law as a whole.

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It would be difficult for the Ten Commandments to be the foundation for any government since the document says nothing about legislative bodies, courts, rulers or how a state is to be ordered and function.