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All books can be read as standalone novels, either in or out of sequence. Update section with character biographies and locations available in all editions. The discovery of a body in a petrol station gives D. Links begin to emerge between the two deaths, and set Craig on a pursuit unlike any he has faced before.

Book 1: Lizzie Grace Series

Then an attack on someone close gives him a difficult question to answer: Is justice always what it seems? A Limited Justice. Also available as an audiobook from Amazon Audible. Be careful who you trust. The Grass Tattoo. Book Two in the Craig Crime Series. What starts as the hunt for a murderer targeting the vulnerable becomes the unearthing of a criminal cover-up, and a skewed pursuit for revenge reveals that there is no-one innocent involved. The Visitor. Book Three in the Craig Crime Series. A desperate father, an innocent victim and the worlds of law and politics collide to lead the squad to a cabal trading money for lives.

The Waiting Room. As Craig and his team discover both cases might be linked to a reformed terrorist, their investigation leads to a prominent public figure and exposes a secret held for thirty years. The Broken Shore. Book Five in the Craig Crime Series.

Fresh Blood

When a dead woman is found in the grounds of a school, it leads the Belfast Murder Squad into a murkier world than they've ever been in before, and affects several of the team personally. How is the death connected to a red kite? And where does a young French girl fit? The horror that unfolds is only relieved by one team member receiving good news, but will that be enough to help them cope with the darkness that they find? Book Six in the Craig Crime Series. When several suicides happen one after another, and each of the victims appears to have had a perfect life, suspicions begin to rise, and the Belfast Murder Squad is called in.

The Coercion Key. Book Seven in the Craig Crime Series. They find a quiet Belfast bookshop and a distant country linked in unexpected ways, and idealistic youth sadly misled. Words can be weapons too.

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Book Eight in the Craig Crime Series. In a place where people should be safe, an employee is found dead, and when the evidence points to it being an organised attack the Belfast Murder Squad is called. As the sins of a long-ago struggle play out, the case proves an uncomfortable reminder of one squad member's problems, and another experiences a lifechanging reality.

Life alters our judgement.

Neuheiten, Bestseller, Bildung

Book nine in The Craig Crime Series. When a voice from Craig's past asks for help, the detectives find themselves miles from Belfast, investigating a family's disappearance and possible deaths. Information and support on the web, on the phone, and from real people in your community.

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