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She secretly calls Rosalie for help, knowing that Rosalie had always wanted children.

On the way back home, Bella is silent and Edward only figures out her plans when he hears Rosalie's thoughts. The book is then told from Jacob's perspective, as he receives news of Edward and Bella's return. Carlisle has advised Charlie that Bella cannot receive visitors because she has contracted a rare disease in South America and is quarantined.

Jacob assumes that Bella has been bitten and transformed. He is upset when Sam Uley , acting Alpha of the pack, declares that the pack will not retaliate. Full of anger, Jacob decides that if the pack will not retaliate collectively, he will act singly. Formulating strategies of attack, he runs to the Cullen house. However, when he arrives, he discovers that things aren't as he expected. Bella, as opposed to being a newborn vampire, is already heavily pregnant with Edward's child.

Everyone realizes that the child's rapid growth is starving Bella and bruising her. She cannot digest her food as she vomits it after eating. Tension runs high in the Cullen household as Rosalie steadily supports Bella's decision to have the baby and aids her in every way possible.

Edward is furious at Rosalie, and the family is divided. Jacob is furious at Edward for impregnating Bella. Jacob also agrees to kill Edward if Bella dies. Returning to his pack, Jacob inadvertently informs them of Bella's state, this causes fear and anger among the werewolves; they don't know how the child might act since the child is the offspring of a vampire, Sam commands the pack in the double timbre of the Alpha , to obey his decision to kill Bella and her unborn child, still in love with Bella, Jacob disagrees, but Sam takes his will away, to counter this, Jacob assumes his rightful place as the Alpha of the pack, this almost leads to Sam and Jacob fighting for the right to rule, but Jacob controls his Alpha instincts to attack Sam and abandons the pack to join the Cullens.

Seth and Leah Clearwater soon join Jacob and the threesome form a new pack to guard the Cullens from Sam's pack, losing both the element of surprise and pack members, and the idea of fighting their own kind, dissuades Sam and his pack from attacking Bella while Jacob's pack is aiding the Cullens, it is discovered that the collective minds of the two packs are separate; members of each pack cannot hear the other pack's thoughts as Jacob and Sam are distinct Alphas.

Jacob, Leah and Seth patrol the Cullen's territory to forewarn them of any impending werewolf attack.

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Esme gratefully provides them with food and clothes since their clothes are too often destroyed during phasing. As the werewolves spend this time together, Jacob and Leah learn to tolerate each other, and forming a common understanding. Knowing that the pregnancy is endangering Bella's life and wanting to terminate it but not wanting to deny Bella the experience of childbirth and motherhood, Edward asks Jacob to get her with child.

Jacob is shocked that Edward would ask such a thing, and although he doesn't really want to, he also finds the idea of sleeping with Bella incredibly tempting and agrees to suggest the idea to Bella, for the most part, Bella doesn't realize what he means. When she does, she is touched by Edward's caring for her, but refuses their offer because she considers it repulsive to sleep with anyone other than Edward or have anyone else's baby. As the fetus continues to develop at an alarmingly accelerated rate, Bella's health worsens, her stomach is bruised in multiple places from the baby's movements.

Two of her ribs crack, her pelvis is almost broken, and her pallor is unhealthy, her body continues to reject human food, and Jacob sarcastically thinks about the "creature" craving for blood, Edward overhears this thought, and the Cullens allow Bella to sample human blood, to Bella's surprise, the blood smells and tastes appealing, and revives her almost the instant she drinks it, during Bella's pregnancy, Edward realizes he can read the child's mind, and is astonished to discover that the baby already loves Bella and doesn't mean to hurt her like it does, as he hears his child's thoughts, Edward begins to love the baby as well.

This leaves Jacob feeling betrayed, as he was counting on Edward to suffer and hate the baby more than he did. Jacob struggles with his feelings for Bella, she is outrageously happy every time she sees him and this confuses him, he questions her about this, and Bella says she feels that her family is more complete with him around, but this only makes Jacob feel worse, believing that he can never be part of Bella's family, Leah suggests that he find the girl he is destined to imprint on, so he won't suffer any longer, but Jacob answers he doesn't want his feelings for Bella to disappear, however, things eventually become too hard for him to handle, Edward allows Jacob to borrow his Aston Martin to get away, and Jacob attempts to imprint on random girls he sees in a park, including one named Lizzie who appeals to him because of her niceness and knowledge of cars but nothing happens, frustrated, he returned to the house, Edward approaches Jacob to ask for his permission, as Ephraim Black 's heir, to bite Bella once she gives birth.

After some thinking, Jacob agrees because it is the only thing that will save Bella's life. Bella goes into labor approximately a month after the honeymoon, the hard placenta that surrounds the child cracks; Bella begins vomiting blood, the child breaks free and Bella is very near death, Edward delivers the baby, a girl which will be named Renesmee, and initiates Bella's transformation into a vampire, he injects his venom into her heart and bites her in several places, Jacob and Edward perform CPR to try to keep Bella's heart beating while the venom transforms her.

Eventually Jacob comes to believe that Bella is dead, and is viciously sent away by Edward. Driven mad with rage over Bella's supposed death, Jacob goes to find and kill the baby whom he holds responsible, he finds her in Rosalie's arms, but before he can attack, the baby looks him directly in the face, Jacob sees that the baby's eyes are exactly the same shade of brown as Bella's, Jacob suddenly feels everything attaching him to the world breaking apart, leaving only a caring for Renesmee holding him to life.

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Even making him forget about Bella dying upstairs. Jacob has imprinted on Renesmee. The book returns to Bella's perspective. She has just given birth to her daughter and is now experiencing the painful transformation from human to vampire. After receiving an injection of morphine to mitigate the pain, Bella is unable to move. As the effect of the morphine diminishes, Bella consciously remains as still as possible to alleviate Edward's guilt and agony over the discomfort of her transformation.

When she opens her eyes, she feels a warm hand on her. She is startled and moves instinctively to a defensive position. She realizes that Edward now feels relatively warm to her, and that she is finally a vampire. The Cullens are wary of Bella as newborn-vampires are volatile. Yet, she manages to demonstrate a degree of self-control unseen in most newborns.

She wishes to see her daughter, Renesmee pronounced "ruh-NEZ-may" , whom she named after both her and Edward's mothers, Renee and Esme, but, since Renesmee is part-human, the family believes Bella will be unable to deny her newborn thirst if she sees the child so soon without first hunting.

Edward takes Bella on her first hunt to ease her thirst. Before they leave, Alice shows Bella her reflection.

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She has transformed into a stunningly beautiful woman with flawless skin and newborn-vampire red eyes. Bella jumps out of the window, kicks off her shoes and goes barefoot. She experiments with her new body on the hunt. She is now graceful, strong, and fast. She accidentally crosses a human scent.

However, she resists the urge to kill and runs away to avoid bloodshed. Edward is astounded, as newborns hunting shouldn't be able to deny their instincts.

Upon returning, Bella is finally allowed to see her daughter. Because Renesmee is growing at an astonishing rate, she looks older than her calendar age. Bella learns of Renesmee's gift - the ability to communicate by sending images to people's minds, by touching them. Bella is infuriated when she learns that Jacob has imprinted on her.

Her self-restraint is tested by this revelation, but she manages to control herself until she finds out the truth behind Renesmee's nickname "Nessie".

Breaking Dawn

She loses her self-control and tries to kill him. Seth steps in, and Bella accidentally breaks his collarbone and shoulder before managing to calm down. Bella and Edward receive a cozy cottage for Bella's birthday from the Cullens. Esme had designed it and renovated it. That night, Bella and Edward make love for the first time since Bella's transformation. They find it very difficult to fully satisfy their sexual desire for each other. At first, sexual thirst cannot be satisfied.

Edward tells Bella that this is normal for vampires when they begin a physical relationship. Satiation usually takes years to attain. Renesmee matures quickly and soon is able to speak, walk and hunt.

Jacob's imprinting also forces Sam and his pack to declare peace with the Cullens the most sacred rule of the wolves is that no wolf ever kill the subject of another wolf's imprinting. Differences between Sam and Jacob's packs are soon settled as well, and Jacob and Sam agree to become co-existent Alphas.

Jacob's pack also grows when Quil and Embry join it. Meanwhile, Jacob learns that the Cullens plan to move away from Forks. Thinking that Charlie is the reason, he phases into his wolf form in front of him and tells him about Bella's change and Renesmee though he doesn't say she has become a vampire. Bella is initially furious, thinking that her father would now have to become a vampire or die. But he tells both Jacob and Bella not to let him know anymore than he needs to know.

Breaking Dawn Twilight, Book 4

This allows Bella to keep him in her new life and allows Charlie to go on with his life. Peace lasts for several months, but then things start to unravel again; Irina , a vampire from the Denali clan , sees Renesmee while hunting with Bella and Jacob and informs the Volturi that she is an immortal child. The Volturi purged the immortal children from the world because they couldn't control themselves, and made their punishable by death.