Breaking the Cycle

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I don't know who designed it but it had huge hallways and tiny cells that I could reach across and nearly scrape my head. Seems like they were wanting everyone to be at each other's throats. I am beginning to understand why vodka was so popular in Soviet Union, with so many people housed in their huge tenement buildings.

Dull the senses If only there was a way to put the prosecutors and judges who conspire to put innocent people in prison. Along with appellate judges who protect their lower court tribe. They no longer care about truth, the law, or justice; just winning and how much the prisons kick back to them for each convict sent.

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People want everything. They don't want this kind of rehabilitation in Norway, as its too 'luxurious'..

You need to take one of two sides and fight for that, one, for the death penalty and pure punishment for the crime I'd its heinous. Or for the proper rehabilitation of the criminals in a situation like the Norwegian prisons. What we see now, is a result of mixed views on the subject, humans are so retarded.

Breaking The Cycle – Providing Quality Training and PA Support

Great documentary. My only issue is the subtitles are WILDLY inaccurate, to the point of presenting an opposite context of what the speaker actually said. Please fix this. This film loses so much credibility there.

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Brillant documentary. It provides a fresh look at ways to increase the chances of a prisoner successfully re-entering society.

Prisons all over are pretty much the same. I was a correctional officer for 24 years in Michigan. Good pay and benefits but you always have to watch your back and your partners back. I cannot really watch all this because it brings back some bad memories. We clearly didnt watch the same film. At no point was there anything even remotely disturbing under even the most creative stretch of the imagination. I agree Ian.

She reminded me of a quote i recently see that said "Those who are not prepared to take risks in life will achieve nothing". Our hosts report making fundamental shifts in recruitment approaches, removing the focus on work experience and existing knowledge of the sector which without having done unpaid work, the candidate may not have. They have also tried to demystify their organisations and find new places to advertise.

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Unnecessary jargon was removed from communications, and jobs packs included letters from CEOs directly inviting those with less experience to apply. They included younger and more diverse staff on their interview panels and provided unconscious bias training. Designing follow-up processes for unsuccessful interviewees also marked a huge change for our hosts. They made the experience encouraging and found ways of retaining the relationship via mentoring and support. We will produce our own ideas kit at the end of this edition of the programme spring to share what our hosts have learnt about making practical changes to recruitment practices.

This should ensure that all employers reach a wider demographic and are accessible to those without existing experience and networks. You can access the original article here.

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