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In the southern provinces of Mindanao and Tawi Tawi the population is predominantly Muslim and local customs need to be adjusted accordingly. Businessmen and women typically greet each other with a handshake and sometimes a small bow.

Travel Safety Tips: Do's & Don'ts When in the Philippines

It is not problem to shake hands with someone of the opposite sex, except in the southern Muslim provinces. Business cards are handed out using both hands and often a small bow. When doing business it is advisable to wear appropriate formal clothing and it is advised that women clothing covers the upper legs and arms, especially in the countryside and southern provinces. At first sight it looks easy do to business in the Philippines as in most places businessmen speak English and as most companies will receive you enthusiastically and will answer affirmative to all your questions.

Expect to receive plenty of positive responses to your business inquires but realize that this does not mean that any actual business will take place. Also be aware that businesses in the Philippines do not tend to appreciate friendly competition and can engage in unconventional strategies to hamper your business that would be deemed unlawful in most western nations. Late night drinking sessions in a videoke bar karaoke are a popular way to do business and get to know each other better.

Knowing what these differences are, and accepting them, can keep you out of a world of problems and heartache. We have listed a few here, some of them are common sense, and some of them are things you might not consider.

The do's and don'ts about the Philippine flag

Unlike most of the United States, and many other European countries, the family is the first concern in the Philippines. Understand if you date a Filipina, you will essentially be dating her family.

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A large amount of things that are done in the Philippines are done for the family. This includes things like sending nephews and nieces to school, sending money to a cousin in the province to help to buy a house, or a hundred other different things. So when you are dating a Filipina realize that you will be spending money on their family.

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One of the best things to learn in the beginning of a relationship, especially if you get married, is setting a hard budget for how much money you give their family. This is a common sense advice. This works anywhere in the world where you date somebody. Be a gentleman.

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  • If you do not know what it means to be a gentleman, look it up online. It means you are always respectful and polite.

    6 Things NOT To Do in the Philippines

    You do not take advantage or pressure anyone into doing something they do not wish to do. If you are dating for a future relationship, such as marriage, then being a gentleman is very important. There are many scammers in the Philippines.

    Everything About Traveling in the Philippines

    You can usually find them out very fast, within the first few minutes or days you are talking to them. They will ask you for money. It might be a wonderful story about how their grandmother needs it for some life-saving operation, but it is probably not true. If you really want to make sure, you can always do your due diligence and have it checked. If they try and make you feel guilty for asking? They are definitely a scammer. There are many beautiful and wonderful girls in the Philippines that would love to be the one in your life.

    So pick a good one and not a bad one. Good girls are very conservative and very often will not even hold hands. Depending on the family they might even request a chaperone for the first date. Though as the Philippines becomes more westernized, it is changing. The Philippines culture is very different from Western culture. Some things may not seem to make any sense at all, but regardless if they make sense or not, you must respect them.

    The Filipinos are very proud of their culture. So do not make fun of it and respect it, it will take you a very long way. We believe that when you travel anywhere you should experience the local culture.