Dukan Diet Recipes: 50+ Consolidation Phase Recipes and Food Lists

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The first stages of this diet will likely result in significant weight loss due to the few carbohydrates allowed on the plan. But when you go back to eating normally after reaching your goal weight , you may gain some of this weight back.


Research shows high-protein diets are effective for weight loss, but experts still do not know what the long-term effects are for your health and weight. And there is no evidence that having one all-protein day, along with exercise , is enough to maintain your weight loss. Although the diet can lead to weight loss, which can help with certain health conditions, the risks may outweigh the benefits. If you have renal disease, you might get more protein than your kidneys can handle. Because of the restrictive nature of this plan, it's important to check with your doctor first if you have a health condition.

Unlike other high- protein diets , this plan focuses on lean protein sources over those high in saturated fat. And protein can make you feel fuller longer, helping you lose weight. The downside is that this plan doesn't teach lifelong healthy eating habits. Even more problematic, it recommends that you stay in the consolidation phase until you reach your goal.

If you have a lot of weight to lose, this phase could go on for months or even years, which could lead to a nutritionally inadequate diet.

Dukan Diet Consolidation Phase Food List

If you are over 50 or have a condition, like diabetes , or need to lose a lot of weight, talk to your doctor first. To join coaching, first calculate your True Weight. Related Articles.

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Need Help? OR Via email: contact dukandiet. As a Coached Member. You have access to over recipes in your Slimming Apartment. Shop Now! This program is not intended for people with diabetes dependent on insulin, who have eating disorders, problems with renal heart failure, depression, or for pregnant or breastfeeding women. I also hope this chapter will help you gain a better understanding of where the lines in the sand are currently drawn regarding theories of weight loss and healthful diet. Chapter 2: Why Low-Carb Diets Work Low-carb diets are based on the fact that food has a profound effect on hormonesincluding the fat-storage and fat-release hormones.

The hormone that gets the lions share of attention, with good reason, is insulin, but there are others that come into play. The foundation of the lowcarbohydrate movement has been the theory that controlling these.

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This chapter discusses: How insulin operates and why regulating it is central to the theory behind all low-carb diets Controlling blood sugar Insulin resistance The role of insulin in heart disease and why a low-carbohydrate diet can reduce your risks Hypertension high blood pressure and how it can be reduced with low-carbohydrate eating Obesity and how low-carbohydrate diets can help Type 2 diabetes and low-carbohydrate diets Chapter 3: Fat, Cholesterol, and Health: Have We Been Misled? We all know about the fat that lives on our hips, butt, and thighs, but many of us remain confused about the nature of fat in our diet and are particularly confused about the relationship of dietary fat to the fat around our middle.

Since one of the biggest arguments against low-carb diets made by traditional and conventional dietitians and physicians centers around fear of fat, understanding exactly what fat is and what it does and what it doesnt do is critical to understanding why low-carb diets are nothing to be afraid of. Ive added this primer on fat and cholesterol to this edition of Living Low Carb to arm you with knowledge about this terribly misunderstood component of the human diet and to hopefully get you to reconsider some of the prevailing myths about fat, cholesterol, and health.

Why does my doctor still warn me about them? Why do I still keep hearing how unhealthfly they are? There are many, many reasons why low-carb diets havent reached a. This chapter briefly considers some of the many reasons why so many people continue to be misled or uninformed about what low-carb diets are and arent. This includes, sadly, most doctors in America. The so-called metabolic advantage is the idea that you may be able to eat slightly more calories on a low-carb diet and still lose weight.

Its one of the most discussed and controversial concepts in carb-restricted dieting. Its also highly misunderstood. This chapter tells you exactly what the metabolic advantage really means, what the science shows, and how to use it to your own personal advantage when it comes to losing weight! Chapter 6: The Biggest Myths about Low-Carb Diets There are a lot of common beliefs about the dangers of high-protein or high-fat diets. Does a high-protein diet cause osteoporosis? How about damage to the kidneys? Is ketosis a dangerous condition that should be avoided at all costs?

Doesnt eating all that fat lead to heart disease? What about cholesterol? In this chapter, Ill share what the science really shows. Not all of them are truly low-carb programs for instance, the Zone diet , but if they have been portrayed that way in the press, youll find them in this section. The format for each discussion allows you to see what the plan is in a nutshell and gives an in-depth look at how the plan works and the theory behind it. Youll also learn who it might be good for and who should look elsewhere. Finally, I give you my evaluation of each plan Jonnys Lowdown and a rating of zero to five stars.

In the years between the paperback edition of Living the Low Carb Life and this revised edition, there have been hundredspossibly thousands of diet books and fitness plans published. Although some of the diet books reviewed in this section make no real claim to being low-carb and arent. And in some cases Ive included books that take a firm stand usually badly misinformed against low-carb: I tell you exactly what I think is wrong with them. Worth noting is that some of the diets that were in the original editions arent in use much any morethe Stillman and Scarsdale diets, for example.

But theyre of interest historically, and many readers may remember them and want to compare them with whats being written today, so Ive left them in. And in some cases, a diet was perfectly sensible and workable but never caught onfor example, the GO-Dietbut I left that in too, just so you can see what it was about. Full disclosure: in nutrition, as in politics, its rare to find two people who agree on every dimension of every issue.

I mention this because, after almost twenty years on the national scene, Ive found that its not unusual to get an e-mail saying something like How can you recommend So-andSo when he thinks soy is a great food and you dont? At the end of this chapter, you will know the exact differences among the various programs, and youll have a much better idea of which ones speak to you and which ones leave you cold. Youll also learn who each program might be good for and who should look elsewhere.

The thirty-eight plans and their architects are: 1. MA, M. Tea 8. SomersizingSuzanne Somers And stays on it for a year? And loses 1, pounds in the process? This chapter tells the fascinating story of a real-life experiment at Alert Bay, British Columbia. Chapter 9: Supplements and Diet Drugs In this chapter, well review the major drug treatments for obesity and overweight phentermine, Meridia, and Xenical , and the first FDAapproved over-the-counter drug Alli , and consider the arguments for and against them, as well as review the supporting science.

Well examine the vast number of vitamins and supplements that are marketed for weight loss, such as 5-HTP, chromium, and L-carnitine. Which ones actually work, and which are bogus? And if they do work, how do they work?

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  • What exactly do they do in the body? Here youll find the science behind the advertising and discover whether there are any specific vitamins and minerals recommended for people following a low-carb lifestyle. Youll get the real scoop on controversial herbs like ephedra as well as information about the new ephedra-free fat-burning formulas.

    And youll find out the number one supplement for weight loss. Chapter Frequently Asked Questions Got cravings? Bored with chicken and vegetables? This chapter reviews some of the methods low-carb dieters use to combat common problems and make their program work for them. Well talk about the use of glutamine to fight sugar cravings, mineral supplements such as potassium to fight muscle cramps, how much is enough when it comes to water, and if any of the fat-burning supplements on the market actually work. For easy reference, FAQs are organized by topic, including ketosis, food and water, plateaus, exercise, and more.

    Youll find more than fifty of the best insider tricks for making the low-carb lifestyleand a weight-loss program in generaleasier to stick with and more enjoyable, too. Chapter What Weve Learned about Controlled-Carbohydrate Eating: Putting Together Your Program Now that you know the nuts and bolts and have decided that low-carb living is for you, how do you put it all together?

    Many of the authors of the top low-carb diet books disagree vehemently on some issuescoffee, artificial sweeteners, the number of grams of allowable carbohydrate, the need for ketosis, and the timing of meals, just to mention a fewand agree on others. But there are many basic principles that can be extracted from the literature as a whole.

    These principles can be used to craft an individual lifestyle program that incorporates the basic tenets of low-carb eating for vibrant good health and ongoing weight loss and maintenance. This chapter tells you how to individualize and customize your own plan to create a personalized lowcarb lifestyle using the principles discussed in Living Low Carb, as well as how to put the low-carb lifestyle into practice in the real world.

    Resources and Support for a Low-Carb Lifestyle In this section, you will find a comprehensive listing of resources and information pertaining to low-carbohydrate living. Youll find sources for research; the most interesting low-carboriented blogs and Web sites; ways to calculate your body mass index; food databases in which you can look up calories, carbs, fat, protein, and fiber; articles about cholesterol and cooking oils; information on exercise; an extensive reading list of recommended books and cookbooks of interest to the low-carber and to anyone interested in health; and even the name of the best food-delivery service I know of.

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    The first bona fide low-carb diet book came out in , and it happened only because William Banting thought he was going deaf. Banting was a prosperous London undertaker of 66 who was so overweight that he couldnt tie his own shoelaces. At 5 feet 5 in his stocking feet, he weighed in at pounds and was so fat that he had to walk downstairs backward.