Into the Fire: 101 Things Every Culinary School Student Should Know Before They Go

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System doesn't allow copy-and-paste, but this is close enough to give an idea of what you get. A sub-heading "for wannabe cooks with little or no kitchen experience" would have given a better idea of the contents. I miss the good old days when Amazon customers could "Look Inside" and have a better idea of what they were buying. I learned a few pointers on how to be a better chef but there were a few things that were taken for granted by the author.

Basic Knife Skills

Not everyone who reads the book will know some of the terminology. It was okay but I was expecting more. Lots of useful tips and tricks.

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Some I had already discovered and others I am grateful to have learned from this book. It is a very basic. But useful for person who working in the kitchen has no experienced. However do not expect too much.

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Go to Amazon. Feedback If you need help or have a question for Customer Service, contact us. We try to give them a good idea of what to expect. They get here and realize that in order to get to the top there are many bumps along the way—a lot of hours to put in. I think we see that they come in with kind of the misconception of glamour of the industry. And they are blazing now ready to keep going. Hensel : Well obviously, the program at JJC is doing well. Hensel : Congratulations.

How to Make It: Advice from the Pros on Becoming a Chef

Has JJC been participating in these competitions for a while? Has the school won these two awards before? McGreal : Well, the college competed a lot back in the s. And we did win a bunch of awards in national and international competitions during that time. We refocused and restructured the program, which we needed to do. We are actually the fourth oldest culinary school and there are probably about 5, culinary schools in the United States.

Cooking Classes

So, we have a great history of just good education. As a community college, we have a great history of fundamental culinary training, not the fluff and stuff that maybe some other schools might do, where they want to keep students enrolled in a private or for profit school at a real high tuition rate. They might offer some fancier classes instead of really focusing on the fundamentals.

We drill sergeant them from day one. We require what industry is going to require of our students. And then two years ago, we went to the competition in the final four for the best in America again and we actually won both of these competitions—we won the Student Team National Championship and the Student Chef of the Year. Can you talk about how were you chosen, and what kind of activities you have been leading and participating in?

I think for multiple reasons—not just because of being able to go to the White House but to be able to work with kids and schools to try to get kids healthier in America has just been a moving and exciting experience. I think it was in that Michelle Obama worked with the American Culinary Federation and some other chef organizations to get some chefs down to the White House.

The major specification was they had to be chefs that work with kids and schools already, and are really committed to this whole initiative of getting kids healthy. I was appointed the Central U. At Eisenhower Elementary, I had all the kids for assembly, and I did healthy cooking demonstration where the kids helped me cook and ate what I made.

We made butternut squash bisque and the kids were going nuts for it. They thought it was the best thing. With kids, it used to be the firefighters and police officers coming in that got kids excited. McGreal : Oh, yeah. Even to bring in something like a tomato. And I will tell them it is a tomato and then ask them where a tomato comes from. Some kids will say trees. The kids, they look at it as if they have no clue what that big bunch of green is that you have. And right away, they will say its flowers. When I cut it into little pieces, a majority of the kids will taste it and think it is pretty good.

One of the things I make with the kids is a beautiful purple sorbet. Once he likes it, and I ask if anyone else wants to try it, all the hands are up. They all have to put a rubber glove on. Each kid grabs a handful of frozen blueberries, puts it in a blender, they grab a handful of frozen strawberries throw it in a blender, and then some frozen raspberries. And I remind them that they just tried and liked my sorbet, so they grab a handful of roasted and quartered whole beets, and throw those into the blender.

We add a big bunch of mint, a little chunk of fresh ginger, and a squeeze of honey for a little bit of sweetness to take some of the citrus out of those berries. Finally, we puree it. It is the silkiest, most beautiful purple fruity sorbet and it tastes like fruit.

While they are eating it, I tell them about what a beet is. When I ask how many kids like beets, all of their hands go up. They now know what beets are and that they can taste good. But the really cool thing about it is that it has merged culinary with food science. The knowledge and techniques that we have, as chefs, are fundamentally all science based. Our having knowledge of food science and food safety—all the things that an organization like IFT is about—will make us successful chefs and make us better prepared to be safe food producers in America.

It has made us all aware in the food industry that in a way you guys [food scientists and technologists] are the foundation of who we are and who we want to be.

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And so our growth really depends on us gaining knowledge from an organization like IFT, from food scientists, and people who know the origins of food, so we can make that food better. Why does the texture of connective tissue break down under this slow moist combination cooking?

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