Introduction to Statistics Through Resampling Methods and Microsoft Office Excel

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Resampling Stats for Excel is an add-in for Excel for Windows that facilitates bootstrapping, permutation and simulation procedures with data in Excel. The latest release, version 4. The resampling operation will be repeated thousands or tens of thousands of times, and each time the value of your statistic of interest will be recorded. Comes with a page user guide available available online ; works with English language versions of Excel for Windows.

Excel for Statistics 1--Introduction

Excel add-in screenshots and features. A step-by-step example using the Excel add-in. Download a 1-year trial version of the Excel add-in Yes — a whole year! Other Features of the Resampling Stats Excel add-in version 4. Different methods for calculating reference intervals Estimating reference intervals means dealing with uncertainties and probabilities.

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Figure 2. Percentiles A proper start when calculating reference intervals is to estimate the observation s corresponding to 2. Subsequent randomly drawn reference values Drag the small quadrant in the lower right corner of cell C1 to column AG83 thereby creating 30 samples, each of 83 random observations from the original observations.

Calculating the 0. Calculate the medians of the random sample estimates of the population percentiles Lastly calculate the median of the samples estimates of the population 0. Table 1 Detailed instructions to create the calculation sheet. Step Instruction Input the data from the reference persons In column A.

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It is crucial for this application that you make at least 39 random picks. Calculate the 2. Figure 3. Conclusion Resampling methods are recommended by IFCC and are widely available in software for handling reference values 5 , 19 - 24 but not as yet as yet a part of the CLSI guideline Footnotes None declared.

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Statistical-Data Analysis in the Computer-Age. Jones HL.

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Clin Chem.

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