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He has many who help him, and that is precisely where priesthood comes in. But the Savior is the head. He is the one to whom the Father has given total responsibility for this earth and all things that pertain to it. The Father so loved us that he sent Jesus to create this world, then sent him into this world to suffer and die that he might save us.

But why was Jesus chosen to be that one, the Savior? Jesus loved the Father and obeyed him in all things. But he also had a pure love for others, for us. My guess is that there were others.

What Jesus Christ Means to Christians

He appointed one only to be the head. When he, the Father, speaks to men, he has only one thing to say to them at first. Hear him? Those who keep that commandment can receive all blessings on earth and in heaven through him, through Jesus Christ. Thus the Savior has become the great High Priest, the only source of the blessings of the Father for this earth. I can see why there should be only one person to represent the Father. What happens to them? I believe that many of those who also have that pure love are the noble and great ones that father Abraham mentioned.

The Savior makes them his rulers on earth. See Abr. Indeed, if you look at most temporal rulers. They are the bearers of his priesthood. You are saying that the Savior chooses out of the people of this earth certain ones of those who have pure love and gives them his priesthood so they can bless others?

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That sounds good, but I have a hard time relating that idea to what I see in the Church. I see some good people who have the priesthood. But I agree with you. Scary though it sounds, that is very near to the truth as I understand it. See Matt. Does that answer make sense to you? See 2 Ne. It helps if we separate beginnings and endings. The beginning is that no human being as he is naturally upon the earth is smart enough or good enough to represent the Savior perfectly and show forth the pure love in blessing others. So there needs to be a process of enlarging and purifying someone who is to represent the Savior.

The beginning of that process is accepting the gospel; we must confess our weakness and covenant with the Savior in baptism to take upon us his name, to remember him always, and to obey all the instructions he gives to us. Those are the promises you priests repeat every time you consecrate the bread in the administration of the sacrament. Yes, I remember those ideas. But are promises enough? Not enough, but the necessary beginning. When we make those promises at baptism we are then given the blessing of having, and the commandment to receive, the Holy Ghost.

The privilege of having the Holy Ghost is one of the most marvelous things any person can have, for that influence teaches us how to begin to think and feel as the Savior does, and brings us instruction from the Savior. You remember that John the Baptist baptized with water.

It is the transforming power of the Holy Ghost that helps us to change so that we can be worthy and honorable bearers of the holy priesthood. Just as John came baptizing with water to prepare disciples whom the Savior could then baptize with the Holy Ghost, so the Aaronic Priesthood is given as a preparation for receiving the Melchizedek Priesthood.

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You learned as a deacon to pass the sacrament and to collect fast offerings. As a teacher you began home teaching. As a priest you have been privileged to consecrate the emblems of the sacrament and to begin missionary work and perform baptisms. All this time you have worked with the bishop in projects around the chapel, on the welfare farm, and in helping people in the wards. Now which of the fellows your age are being given the Melchizedek Priesthood? If a young man has learned to be diligent, faithful, and obedient in temporal matters, that is a marvelous preparation to become a minister in spiritual things.

When he goes on his mission at age nineteen he is already a veteran in the service of our Savior. The attitudes and habits that a faithful priest has are his foundation for all of the callings of the higher priesthood. If he has learned to work under the authority of the priesthood in the Church and to live by the promptings of the Holy Spirit, then he is ready to do the work of love.

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Make no mistake, Paul: whether you serve as a missionary, as a worker in the Church organizations, or as a husband and father, your real success in these priesthood callings will be measured by the depth and purity of your selfless love and concern for others. I am indeed. A missionary who is lazy or unkempt or disobedient has a hard time convincing people that the restored gospel is something special.

An elders quorum president who never keeps track of anything has a difficult time motivating anyone to excel. I can see how all these things as functions of the Aaronic Priesthood are good.

Who is Jesus... Really?: A Dialogue on God, Man, and Grace

And there is. We have been talking only about the foundation of pure love. We must add to that foundation great knowledge, skill, wisdom, and the ability to understand people and their needs. These things are all gifts of the Spirit. Those who repent of their sins and who then hunger and thirst to bless others are filled with the Holy Ghost.

Then those gifts begin to flow to them. Could you turn to Doctrine and Covenants ? The part from verse 34 to the end is so important that I think every bearer of the priesthood would do well to commit it to memory, word perfect, and repeat it to himself often. Notice verses 34 and Verse 35 tells us we must not be turned aside by desires for things of the world or the honors of men.

Our objective in the priesthood should be to serve and to bless. Then they turn and fight the priesthood. Thus, few are chosen; few will have that priesthood eternally. In his great love he labors with us, helping us grow step by step, calling by calling in the kingdom. Now do you see why I said that there is a difference between beginnings and endings? All of us are unworthy in the beginning, but some grow to be worthy of it in the end. In the Old Testament, in the days of the Kings, the mother of the king was called the Queen Mother cf.

If a mother has a child who is king, then she is a queen. Think about it, right?

Who is Jesus Really?: A Dialogue on God, Man, and Grace by Josh McDowell

Bathsheba was the Queen mother, even though there were many other wives that David had. She was brought a throne and sat at the right hand of Solomon 1 Kings Again, just because she is the Queen does not mean she is co-redeemer, and just like Solomon ruled the Kingdom of Israel alone, it is only our Lord Jesus Christ who is the ruler of His Kingdom. To call her Queen is a bestowal of an honorific; it is a grace, and if you remember the words of the Archangel Gabriel, she is the one full of grace.

I can see that, but then what about the Throne and Ladder? Wherever God dwells and sits, that is His throne, correct? The uncontainable God chose to be contained in her womb. Again, it is because of His grace toward her and her accepting His words through the angel. Again, the Throne is not the Savior, but is the chosen place of the Savior. Likewise she is His chosen above all others; the highest one. God also dwells in our hearts if we let Him, so our hearts can be His thrones as well, but Saint Mary was a special case because He took His humanity from her, and He became flesh in her, and this was the beginning of the final act of His plan for our salvation.

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The Miracle of the Incarnation which is a once-for-all time event happened through her and no one else, only through her accepting the words of the angel. This is heavy stuff, but it does make sense. What about the Ladder? I have a feeling you will have a good answer too.

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  4. He descended, which can mean walked down a ladder, from Heaven to become Man. She was the instrument of His becoming Man. Again, she is the instrument of our God for the Savior to save us, but she is not the savior. Again, it is all because of the grace of God.