LEternel retour du fascisme (French Edition)

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Inspired by Nietzsche's notion of Eternal Recurrence - which Paquet treated not as a doctrine but an operational principle, that is as a means of disentangling ourselves from secondary aspects of our identity determined by cultural, religious and moral factors in order to recover our primary nature - he considered a return to the body as the sole ethical value. Paquet was born in Jumet, near Charleroi. According to his own account, he had an unhappy childhood. He sought refuge in books, and in particular in Spinoza's Ethics and in Nietzsche's Antichrist.

A school trip to London allowed him to discover the works of William Turner; later a visit to Amsterdam gave rise to his passion for the works of Rembrandt and Van Gogh as well as allowing him to meet the situationist painter and architect Constant, whose work Het Opstand van de Homo ludens " The uprising of Homo Ludens" he translated into French.

He matriculated at the Free University of Brussels in and in became assistant to Professor Pierre Verstraeten.

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In , he became a junior associate " aspirant " at the Belgian National Fund for Scientific Research. Upon his return to Belgium, he made the acquaintance of Bram Bogart in relation to whom he wrote a number of articles. This school organized amongst other things courses on the concept of "ethical conciliation" and on a draft political constitution for Wallonia which Paquet drew up.

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La doctrine du fascisme (Benito Mussolini)

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