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Respect, independence and loyalty have emerged as the top three qualities that millennials and Gen Z seek in current or prospective partners, reveals a new study by dating app Tinder. Meanwhile for men, the most important quality that they are looking for in a partner is loyalty. Historically, in a country like ours, the narrative of respect has been compromised when it comes to women. This clear understanding amongst millennial women sets the tone for relationships , even before they choose to date a man.

With values like respect, independence and loyalty being the top three qualities is very telling of how these generations want to feel empowered to make their own choices, particularly women. Tinder will always champion that autonomy.

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  • Respect, independence, loyalty set the tone in relationships for new-age couples.
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Follow us on. Download et app. Become a member. What, slowdown? And then there is the tiny matter of Jackson begging to be traded midseason, before the Bucs were eliminated from the playoffs. Respect: LOL! This is rich.

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Dude sleeps in meetings. Tries to get his starting quarterback benched on national television. Gets into hassles with coaches. The only respect Jackson shows is to stacks of Benjamins. Now Arians is big on second chances. He himself is a product of second chances dating back to his high school days when he lost all but one college scholarship offer after getting expelled from school. Perhaps that is what is at work here. Jackson has a clean slate with Arians. Clearly, Jackson is a talented football player with rare skill. But with that skill comes heavy baggage. Joe can understand why Arians would want to keep Jackson and why he would give him a second chance.

Djax began the season with three yard games over the first four games and three touchdowns, but that was as a beneficiary of FitzMagic as quarterback Ryan Fitzpatrick was at the helm in the early going. If that is all you got out of Joes take you truly are one of the most uninformed readers of JBF.

Mind blowing. I thought he was a thug too until I saw what he could do with fitz throwing and the brotherhood he embodied when giving fitz his gear to wear. Trade him to the cardinals for patrick peterson.. Im sure licht can convince them to sign peterson to a one year deal to make it happen. Spend the money on someone that has given the Bucs everything. I have seen nothing regarding the Bucs negotiating with Him. Am I missing something? I think we should sever ties with DJax. I can care less about him taking his receivers n anyone gullible out on a fishing trip. Any time a player goes to sleep in meetings, kick things over, n arrive late to meetings has demonstrated a selfish, childish n all about me attitude.

I agree, pay Humphries n bring in John Brown. We should be able to get something for Djax……. Our receiving corps would have the following.

Loyalty "&" Respect

Brown Possession….. Humphries All of the above…. The piling on is a little unnecessary IMO. We KNEW what we were getting when we signed him. Then he got a third chance two years ago when the Bucs signed him to a 3-year deal. I think B. Mixed feelings on this one for sure.

His primary receivers that year? And no super-fast deep threats in the bunch.

Loyalty "&" Respect

Not much of a rushing threat either less than 1, yds if you take away Jameis runs. And yet we survived, and even posted a record that season. That was just coach-speech, hoping that a team would offer a late round draft pick for DJAX. And I know why…. I agree, let Jackson go and start prepping Watson to be our speedster.


Saints- michael thomas, lattimore, kamara, rankins, von bell, ryan ramchyck,marcus williams, eli apple…. Is the reason why the saints are and will be top 4 NFL team for the next 3 years while we will be in the basement.

Addition by subtraction!! Get rid of players while they still have value…or get nothing when the contracts up. I remember these similar character arguments about Aquib Talib when he was with Bucs. Talib went to playoffs with Patriots, won a SB with Broncos, and now is going to championship game with Rams.

DJax has talent Koetter sucked as Head Coach Bucs stink because they have a history of jettisoning talent. Your post begs this question. Love the talent, hate the attitude. Just the threat of the long ball made the offense better. I think that is why the scoring in the last few games went down.

I hate to cut off my nose to spite my face but I would trade him like someone said for a proven cb like Petersen or someone else. Yeah bucs fan because fitz could hit jackson after the first two games. You mesean nut huggers live in this first two game fantasy realm. You k ow the only yard game he had after that? Whe jameisbwas an in Chicago.