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He appealed to politicians to create the necessary incentives. The symposium Friday at the Villa Bosch studio of the Klaus Tschira Foundation began with a lecture by Martin Arend BMW on the possibilities and changes that autonomous driving and personalized assistants bring with them. She emphasized above all the personality that machines do not have. The third speaker was Martin Hellmann Stanford. The Turing Award winner explained the need for ethical action in all areas of life.

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Starting from a freely available book recently published with his wife Dorothie, he described how ethical action can be learned and internalized through daily practice, starting on a small scale. He pointed out how computer algorithms above all create new possibilities of expression in media art and change the medium.

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He mainly spoke about the risks of Natural Language Processing. He traced the tightrope walk on which research in this field is located since many developments can also be abused — for example for targeted opinion steering. She mainly dealt with the fact that rules are necessary and that algorithms for legal processes are not the saviour of salvation.

An important result of the panel with regard to the work life is that work gives people dignity. With the increasing digitalization of the work life, and the potential loss of jobs, people need worthy jobs to be happy in the future. In addition to further interviews with other Turing Award winners, the publication of exciting lecture recordings is planned for the coming months. In his spare time he is also a photographer, designer, musician, and enthusiastic sportsman.

His research interests are in autonomous management of distributed heterogeneous devices including support functionality for managing IoT smart spaces, semantic abstractions, name-based management via P2P systems, edge-based IoT management, data analytics support, e.

He thinks that young lovers are much more likely to restrain themselves and act decently in a city, than they are in a forest when there is no one around to disturb them. In this unusual letter, Seume writes to a man whom he has never met, the husband of the woman he was once engaged to.

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The husband must know that his wife was once very close to Seume. On the contrary, he wishes them both happiness and assures the man:. Your wife is good, I have observed her in depth, and I would not have been capable of losing my heart to someone unworthy of it.

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And because their happiness matters so much to him, this justifies the advice that he is now giving to the husband, to be faithful, generous and kind to his wife, for all their sakes. He suggests that ancient Greek culture could inspire German poets to sing more naturally and originally. For a translation of this letter, click here. Brentano wrote this letter in a state of intense grief: his wife, Sophie Mereau, had died on 31 October after delivering her sixth child.

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O, the way I feel now, I am hovering in the midst of deep sorrow, it would mean the world to me, in this mortality, just to know that someone who has loved me is still alive. Johann Wilhelm Ritter was a physicist who belonged to the group Romantic writers at the University of Jena. He was the first person to discover ultraviolet radiation; he died in poverty aged After his death, his writings were published as Fragmente aus dem Nachlasse eines jungen Physikers. Ich bin keinen Augenblick mit meinen Gedanken zu Hause, wo es mir doch so sehr wohl geht.

I am never at home in my thoughts, despite the fact that things are going well for me here. She fears for her own reason; and yet, by the end of the letter she says that writing has made her feel more courageous again.

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Justus Liebig was a German chemist who became close friends with the poet August von Plate n when they were students at the University of Erlangen. Platen was seven years older than Liebig, and their friendship was close and exclusive. Goethe to Moritz Seeback, 3 January This is a letter of condolence.

On 10 December the physicist Thomas Johann Seebeck had died; he was the discoverer of the thermoelectric effect. He regrets that he has not been in contact for many years, and he admits that in his life he has often failed in such a way. That is one of the strange things about life:. He hints that his situation is desperate, and that he has even considered suicide. This explains the urgency of this begging letter. I only know that I have every reason to blush before history, but I console myself by thinking that, with the exception of Shakespeare, all poets are like schoolboys compared to history and nature.

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Johann Friedrich Dieffenbach to an unknown person, Potsdam, 19 October Jacob Grimm to Friedrich Christoph Dahlmann. Metternich, the Chancellor of the Habsburg Empire from , lost his position in the Revolutions of , when he and his family were forced to flee to England, later moving to Brussels, and only returning to his family estate in In this letter he describes contemporary European politics as the same old theatrical production, only a few of the roles have changed.

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Friedrich Schlegel to Friedrich Schleiermacher. Walter Benjamin, Gesammelte Schriften , vol. Walter Benjamin, Selected Writings volume 3, , trans. Further Reading in English. Daniel H.

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Further Reading in German. Barbara Hahn and Erdmut Wizisla eds. Johann Heinrich Kant to Immanuel Kant , Altrahden, 21 August Johann had worked as a schoolteacher, but he says that he resigned eight years ago and now makes a small income from farming. Georg Forster to his wife, Paris, 8 April Forster reports on the latest developments of the French Revolution to his wife, two days after the Committee of Public Safety had been set up on 6 April , which was to play a leading role in the Reign of Terror that lasted from September to the end of July Samuel Collenbusch to Immanuel Kant , Gemarke, 23 January Collenbusch, a doctor by profession, was one of the leaders of the Pietist movement in Wuppertal.