Musik aus dem Netz: Digitale Verwertung und Urheberrecht (German Edition)

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Komponist Vorsitzender mediamusic e. What you aim to pursue is some kind of modern slavery, solely serving the purpose to maximise the profits of us-american internet companies. So, do reconsider your purpose in life. Or have you really become a politician just to support Google? There are already plenty of handsomely paid lobbyists.

We are a diverse lot, but in our hearts and minds are workers rights and fair salaries. We are against ideas that put people at risk of not being able to live from their jobs — even if these ideas may sound futuristic or grand. Have you read the explanations of her report? There is certainly nothing in there that even comes close to your fears; in fact Julia is fighting to strengthen the position of authors in the copyright system.

Julia Reda is a member of the Pirate Party and therefore promotes piracy.

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Leave us creators alone! Try, instead, to improve the practices of the multinationals who have been profiting for a long time to the detriment of all of us. Thanks for your comment. Deal Julia! O does NOT make you lose control over your creation. So for example : if a documentarist asks for my music , it is on my own decision if i will give the music.

Nobody forces me to give or not give the music, so there is no way that my creation can be used against my vision. O will collect my royalties and protect my intellectuel property thats all. Now if an artist is signed with a record company that is not working out for him is another topic. Nothing has to change but some additions have to be done, for example give the P. Does youtube pays royalties? And if no why? But where do you think the best art will be? Also regarding paragraph 3, you are talking in general….

Answers to copyright questions

But why dont you tell what excactly you are intending to do about this?? Entsprechend neugierig habe ich die Zusammenfassung Ihres Reports studiert. Sehen Sie es mir bitte nach, aber ich finde ich mich als Urheber dort nicht wieder. Sollten wir Steuern abschaffen? Mit Verlaub, das ist Unsinn.

Und welche Rechte hielten die dann inne? Oder geht es Ihnen hier einmal mehr um das sagenumwobene Remixing? Finden Sie es unzumutbar, dass ich als Urheber eines Werks gefragt werde, bevor es in einen anderen Zusammenhang gestellt wird? Along with the Internet as a zero-cost global publishing medium, this phenomenon has brought about a broad creative revolution, enabling a wealth of emerging practices in which new works are created by transforming existing ones. Das ist, mit Verlaub, grober Unfug. Videos neu vertonen konnte man bereits in den Siebzigern des letzten Jahrhunderts, ebenso aus bestehenden Mehrspuraufnahmen etwas Neues schaffen.

Warum eigentlich? Ganz ohne schlechtes Gewissen. Und das omnipotente Smartphone war sehr wahrscheinlich auch umsonst.

EU-Urheberrecht nimmt wichtige Hürde

Vielmehr geht es in einem fort um Ausnahmen und Liberalisierung des Marktes. Das kann und will ich nicht akzeptieren. I have carefully read your opinions and — since you ask for EU creators to express their opinions to you — allow me to share my thoughts with you… First of all, I am forced to point out that the fact that you ask creators to send you an email and be kept anonymous to the public is completely wrong, suspicious and provocative.

If the ones who will eventually agree with you express themselves in public like the rest of us who disagree , it will make your point of view really stronger. A pirate is defined as 1 One who commits or practices piracy at sea, 2 One who makes use of or reproduces the work of another without authorization and 3 One who illegally intercepts or uses radio or television signals, especially one who operates an illegal television or radio station. Which of the three definitions represents you the most?

Ri-nova 01/ Bernzen – Music for Everyone – Recht innovativ

Do you even have Piratebay on your bookmarks list? No doubt…. Have you ever thought of the fact that noone forces any creator to join a collecting society? Have you ever checked how many creators are being protected each and every day by those collecting societies from people who want to use their intellectual work for free? Have you ever cared about how many families in the European Union and around the world depend on intellectual rights to live a decent life?

Yes, dear! Since noone forced them to sign a contract with the collecting societies! Believe me…. Things are not the same for a creator in Greece and a creator in the United Kingdom. Trying to globalize everthing is not always the best idea. Certainly not in the case of intellectual property. If it is already a very hard work for a local national collecting society to handle the cases of dozens of thousands of its members, imagine how chaotic it would be to have one — Europa controlled — collecting society.

A single European market is — except from utopic — an idea that has been proven in many cases to be non-functional and dangerous. As a creator I want my work to be protected and secured by people who belong to the same market with me. I need the organization that represents me and my intellectual rights to be as close to me as possible. Same goes for any creator in any country, Julia. Have no doubts about it. A centralized organization controlled by European technocrats is not what a creator needs!

Not robots! Creators want a close relation to the people who represent them. Not any employee of the European Community who will be just a receiver of my emails! Anyone who wants to use or play my music is obliged to ask for my authorization. I really cannot understand how people like you demand that OUR own creations should be given to anyone to change them?

Would you ever give your own child to a stranger to change the way it talks, the way it thinks, the way it communicates, the way YOU raised it to be??????? Users want broad access to information and an end to the criminalization of their everyday behaviour. Creators often find themselves caught in the middle. There are creators who are professionals and create for a living. These creators are proud members of their respective collecting societies and need their work to be protected.

There are also creators who are amateurs, who have no access to the markets and create for them, their girlfriends and their parents to be proud of them. You are not allowed to make the mistake of mixing those two different categories! When you refer to laws, collecting societies, intellectual rights, EU rules, legislations, copyrights etc. For example, a person who writes lyrics and has never published his work, has never participated in a CD, has never been a part of the musical industry in any way, does not give a damn about laws, rules, societies, rights and the rest!

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Thus, asking for the opinion of creators I believe you should make clear that you are referring to professional creators. The ones who invest years of their lives for musical studies. The ones who invest money on producing and distributing their works. The ones who NEED to be members of national collecting societies! The ones who cannot afford to share their creations without securing them first!

Cause creators need to be paid for their work to live. Cause creators cannot allow others to alter or steal their creations…. What concrete problems do you as a creator face in your everyday work under the current copyright regime?

Rest assured that we creators have our collecting societies to discuss all these matters with! There is no need for European creators to discuss their concerns with Pirates of the EU Parliament or anyone else! To sum up. It is my national collecting society AEPI. Because AEPI has been protecting Greek creators for years with loyalty, professionalism and — above all — in an effective way.

There is absolutely no need for replacing the society that cares about me and my work. And whatever I need to discuss concerning my creations or my rights as a creator, I do it with the appropriate departments of AEPI. No need for Pirates to interfer with my work.

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Simple as that…. Do not shoot at the creators and the artists!

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We demand not to reduce, but to strengthen the rights of creators to authorize and be remunerated for any use of our works online. The artists are already remunerated with the crumbs falling from the tables of those who live rich taking advantage economically the creations of the artists.

An artist exists for as long as he owns exclusively the rights of his creations. Could you be more specific which of the proposed measures you take issue with?