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Her life seems to be just a series of tragedies, that always result An exquisite hidden gem! Like wine ages and becomes finer, MC gradually matured more richer emotional depth. It was so easy to turn to vengeance and hatred, yet amidst unbearable pains inflicted uncaringly again and again under the guise of family and love, MC still chose to live kindly, to uphold her vows of loving faithfully and to forgive.

May you one day find your peace. The Novel started pretty well, unlike the other engagment Novel, I've been caught by the sadness of this story. What's more, every time she dies, she goes back to the past and suffers the same trial every time, like an infinite time-loop. Whenever the Although this Novel is original and distinguishes itself from its kind, it actually has one bad point. The bad point is : The story is bogging itself.

What do I mean?

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Simply that every chapter is about how the MC suffers, it basically doesn't move forwards. The pace is wayyyyyy too slow, I feel like the author tries to emphasize the sufferings of the MC, but it's dragging for nothing. The premise is pretty well built, the story is great and the unrequired love really hits the soft spot of the reader, but it needs to move forwards, it needs to gain more rhythm. One of the best novels to its truest sense that can be found on "novelupdates.

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It's one of the novel I want in my top 10 but not in the favourite list. A tragedy where you take on a emotional drive. Its reflect how much conflicted we humans are to whom we love. A novel I wanted to write a I think this is one of the novel you should binge read. Because if you read ch by ch you won't be able to feel the characters. Although I haven't got much further into reading this and only around the starting line.

But the only thing unique in this novel is the pops. As of now we only have the main PvV.

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Not the other characters. Which is frustrating cause we can't see the other side of the tragedy. Which can be lacking as a novel but the unique thing that want you to keep reading it.

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Such a unique love tragedy is hard to find. I can't read this, I'm not an M my heart can't bear this any longer, well written, but to much agony and sorrow; there is no happiness at sight for me. I'm too weak to handel this. This story is really depressing. In a good way though! I swear I'm not a masochist, but this story definitely makes me feel like one for liking it so much. The main character in the story is Iria, and she's constantly beaten down by pretty much everyone and everything. She can't do much about it either and in many ways is fairly passive throughout the story.

There are a crap ton of outside forces working against her, and much of the main story is the reveal of what's actually going Or doesn't, in some cases. You'd have to pretty much have no heart to not cry while reading this since Iria's story is really sad. Take the Tragedy tag seriously. It's there for a reason. The story itself is so far structured into generally two major portions.

The first portion basically serves as an extended prologue and shows Iria struggling through the first couple of instances of her life as it loops back around every time her life ends. It basically functions as the background premise for the second much longer portion, which starts around chapter It can be said that the real story starts at 18 and everything up to that point is for the purpose of setting everything up. There's definitely an emphasis in the story on playing up Iria's pain and struggle.

It's somewhat painful to read at times since Iria is fairly resigned to her lot in life for a good portion of the story, and you really want her to just stand up and yell at all the injustice done to her a lot of the times. Don't be fooled though, there's a reason for a lot of what's going on.


Iria herself is fairly relatable, though not necessarily likable at times. She spends a lot of the story wallowing in her misery, which often leads her to make some very questionable choices that makes the reader want to reach out and yell at her for not taking the obvious route due to her own self doubt.

She often misunderstands other people, has a lot of complexes about herself, and goes out of her way to justify her own ill treatment. It's understandable how she got this way, but it can definitely be painful to follow such a character. I'd ask readers not to judge her too harshly though and not to give up on the story too quickly since she does try her best and I feel her story is one worth following.

Fair warning to those more squeamish. It's not a story that gets off on torturing the main character exactly, but it definitely gets dark a lot. So if that turns you off, you were warned. The translation seems to be done by mainly two people. I'll note that the writing for the story itself is a step above what most stories are like in terms of difficulty and is a bit harder to translate as a result, so bear that in mind.

Forgetful Dreamer does a fair job at translating things and I didn't note any major errors. The translation has pretty good grammar and sentence structure as well, and mostly reads like proper English. Endofdays42 unfortunately isn't quite good enough to tackle this and has a lot of trouble with turn of phrases and translating things into understandable English. His sentences can get pretty choppy as well, suggesting that perhaps English isn't his native language?

Neither is unreadable and they both are translating separate chapters it seems, so you'll end up reading both of them. Just understand that there's a quality drop for Endofdays42 chapters. There's also konoHoshiworks, but that was pretty much just an absolute mess of a MTL and it doesn't seem that he plans on continuing anyways so just avoid that.

I don't recommend trying to read this with a machine translator since the writing is fairly dense and often uses language that machines don't translate well.

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I'll also note that the author has actually asked that his work not to be translated after receiving a request from a Korean translator. He says that he wants to focus on writing and doesn't want to deal with anything like that, hence the blanket refusal.

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So take that into consideration before reading, I guess. This story is so tragic.. It was so depressing, since it seemed that most of the people around her are against her survival in many time of her reincarnations.. Why oh why??!! My heart broke after every arc. And since I cannot wait for the translation to catch up with the original, I decided to read it using google translate.. I think I may have to wait for a bit and hopefully there will be time where Ilya will find her happiness.

I am sure that I will break if I were to be in her place. I haven't gotten super far in the story but allow me to share my opinion so far.