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Nglish is a free Spanish-English dictionary translation and English language learning app from Encyclopedia Britannica and Merriam Webster. This interactive app features a comprehensive Spanish-English and English-Spanish dictionary, complete with word and sentence translation, grammar and common errors quizzes, image and spelling games and vocabulary flashcards. The app also includes a personal My Zone area with customizable word list quizzes and more.

English dictionary look-up results also include synonyms, example sentences, related phrases, tips and audio pronunciations by native speakers. Also, you'll earn while you learn! Collect coins and use them for valuable upgrades. Track your progress through different levels and learn over 1, words and terms.

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We're also expected to take their word for it , because they're professionals, despite no real evidence. Most formulas are based on word counts and sentence length.

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He mouthed two words, the first word of which started with F, and the second word of which started with O. The writer's gift is to orchestrate words in print better than the rest of us. Why would tradesmen do work for him without being paid up-front, if he is not a man of his word?. Textwords ratio is the number of textwords divided by the number of search terms. We can open the title word dictionary to check for spelling variations of our search terms by pressing 'Alt-D'. KWIT indexes is merely another name for the same type of index i.

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The only crippling illness I have is continuing to bandy words with someone who seems dead set on humiliating himself with constant references to rape. This terse McLuhanesque turn of phrase is at the core of what I want to talk about today. When children bounce on mother's knee to a song or a nursery rhyme and maybe when they chuckle at special words, names, and puns , they are responding to the texture and rhythm of sounds.

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