Sommerabend Op.84 No. 1 - Score

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Dein blaues Auge, op. Heimweh I, op. Heimweh III, op. Romanzen aus Tiecks Magelone, op. Lied, op.

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In der Fremde, op. Spanisches Lied, op. Nachwirkung, op. Wie die Wolke nach der Sonne, op. Der Kranz. In den Beeren. Sechs Lieder, Op. The Coda of the Scherzo is on the verso of leaf Autograph arrangement for two pianos. Works without opus numbers. For the last movement of the Piano Concerto in D minor by J. Bach, i leaf. Complete Works, Vol. On the recto of the first leaf is an autograph note written by Clara Schumann in explaining her use of several pas- sages of this cadenza in a cadenza of her own for the same Concerto.

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Vide infra Clara Schumann. Mixed chorus, unaccompanied. Deutsche Volkslieder fur vierstimmigen Chor.

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Mit Lust tat ich ausreiten. Bei nachtlicher Weil. Vom heiligen Martyrer Emmerano. Taublein weiss. Ach lieber Herr Jesu Christ. Sankt Raphael.

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In stiller Nacht. Der tote Knabe. Die Wollust in den Maien. Schnitter Tod.

Der englische Jager. Piano solo Organ solo. The period covered is from November 9, , to February 20, Published intact in Vol. Recitative and aria for soprano, cembalo and orchestra. Recitative: Qual dubbio.

Aria: Se ogni giorno. On the verso of leaf 19 is the recitative, with continuo: Saggio il pensier, also the composer's autograph.

Mass in G Major "Missa Sti. A portion of the alto part from the Dona nobis pacem. There is a slight doubt about the authenticity of this manu- script. Score of the second movement, marked Andante. Musical Times, May, , p.

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The recto of the first leaf bears the final six measures of the first movement, also the composer's autograph. Solo voice, organ or piano accompaniment dated November 3, - 2 leaves. Outstanding among the musical autographs are the following: Symphony No. Autograph arrangement for violin, violoncello and piano, four hands. Piano part, 1. A portion of the second movement, for chorus and orchestra. Parts for Clarinets and Bassoons. To be added to Cantata No. Close score. Concerto for Violin and Orchestra, Op. Alterations in the orchestral accompaniment, comprising both text and music.

Recitative and aria for soprano and orchestra, written in for Mme. Score incomplete. Cantata zur Feier der silbernen Hochzeit S. May Gedichtet von Goldammer. Berlin: Schlesinger []. Pages This is a copy of the third proof with the composer's autograph corrections. With it is an autograph title-page 26V2 x 33V2 cm. For two oboes, two clarinets, two bassethoms, four horns, two bassoons and doublebass. This work is commonly known and published as the Serenade for thirteen wind instruments.

Aria for soprano and thorough-bass.

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Composed in 1 for Constanze Weber. Autograph Letter to His Sister, Nannerl. Signed and dated March 3, Much of it constituted a family collection, and many of the papers bearing autograph evidences were authenticated by the composer's son, Achille Paganini. The autograph letters, personal papers and notebooks cover a period from to One of the notebooks is the famous "little red book," once an object of great mystery because it was alleged to contain the secrets of Paganini's incredible violin technic.

Sommerabend: Op. Beau soir Debussy. Favourite French Art Songs Vol. Songs to Dover. Songs vol. La conocchia Donizetti. Composizioni da Camera Vol. La lontananza Donizetti. Extase Duparc. Lamento Duparc. Chanson des noisettes G. Art of French Song Vol. Automne, Op. Les roses d'Ispahan, Op. Notre amour, Op. Si mes vers avaient des ailes! Mattinata Leoncavallo. Nuit d'Espagne Massenet. Sehnsucht Fanny Mendelssohn Hensel. Als Luise die Briefe ihres ungetreuen Liebhabers verbrannte, K. Schelmenliedchen, Op. Schlichte Weisen Op. La pastorella delle Alpi: No.