The Damar Tantra: Urine Therapy for Perfect Health

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We self-pace according to our individual results. Today, however, Amaroli is Better known as a therapeutic process and people from all over the world Ask how you can use it.

Amaroli becomes very powerful if you take care of your diet. Whatever the Purpose for which you use it, you should avoid proteins of any kind. It is also best to avoid too much sweet, sour, hot or pungent food. The Raw foods and certain fruits such as plantain, papaya and citrus are very good In the practice of Amaroli. The method of taking Amaroli varies from person to person.

In some cases, it is the fresh substance and in others the preserved substance To be used. Sometimes, you only take the first urine of the day, and in other cases you It takes till lunchtime. In the case of rapid growth diseases such as Cancer, we tell the patient to drink everything. Scientific discoveries have revealed that Amaroli contains up to twenty-four Different groups of hormones. One of these is the Uricode, which is important for To maintain the health of the cardiovascular system.

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It is safe and does not have any side effects. It is free of cost and can be practiced at home. It has natural healing powers to control and cure all kinds of diseases. Reference of Urine Therapy is found in almost all the volumes of Ayurveda. According to them, urine is more nutritious than milk. Urine Therapy is an effective system and it is entirely drugless system of healing all chronic disease.

It can be adopted by everyone including young children suffering from cerebral palsy from the very birth. Jagdish R Bhurani.

The Water Of Life: A Treatise on Urine Therapy

Crop your profile image. Close Crop. Published Books. It is not a waste product. Waste products are eliminated through the skin, lungs and digestive system. The Technique Internally Urine is taken as a food and spiritual sadhana.

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It enhances the immune response, is a skin tonic and increases the supply of Prana and Ojas. Collect the Urine you pass after rising each morning, rejecting a little at the beginning and the end. The amount, colour and taste will vary according to your diet and lifestyle. Immediately drink it. You may then take a little water to follow. Do not eat for at least half an hour after drinking. This is the main practice. You may start by taking a small amount, as little as a few drops in some warm water then increasing the amount gradually.

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When you see the excellent effects of the practice then you will eagerly drink it all. Constitution determines the effects that Amaroli has on you. Vata types get great benefit from the practice, Pitta types can get excellent results, but Kapha types may not notice much change and only need to do it occasionally. Those in the change-over periods of teenage and menopause years will benefit greatly.

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Those older than 40 years will also benefit greatly. Amaroli mobilises toxins within the body and causes the immune system to attack them.

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This can cause various symptoms such as inflammation, fever, eruptions etc. If you are ill and or on drugs, caution is advised. Start with a few drops in water and work up to the full practice over months. Stop if side effects are unpleasant. These side effects will cease when the immune system has destroyed the toxins. Caution is advised. Do not stop the drugs but instead start Amaroli slowly with a few drops in water daily. Increase slowly and reduce the drugs as you progress if you are able to.

Keep in touch with yourself and do not attempt to force yourself forward.

Urine Therapy - How To Drink Your Own Urine

Maintain Amaroli daily and go at your own pace, reducing it if necessary. Once the full practice is reached and side effects have disappeared, you should have no more major problems apart from occasional releases of toxins from hard-to-shift deposits. This diet minimises toxins and further enhances the power of the immune system. Ojas is increased and thus the urine contains more valuable biochemicals. Many of these biochemicals are made by the intestinal flora. When these symbiotic bacteria are looked after well then you will have excellent health.

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Using Ayurvedic principles you can design your own diet for maximum performance and long life. Yoga A daily Yoga practice helps to keep the body in good shape, mobilises toxins and enhances the immune system. Prana and Tejas are regulated too. A meditation of 15 minutes daily is proven to increase immune response.