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The first is a retelling of the biblical story of Joseph and his brothers, as seen through the lives of the present-day sisters Josie and Judith Ashkenazi. Josie is the brilliant, beautiful, cocky inventor of the Genizah; Judith is her inferior in every way.

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She was fired from four jobs in a year before going to work, grudgingly, as a publicist for her sister. But Judith is clever and manipulative enough to persuade Josie to visit Egypt for three weeks as a consultant to the Library of Alexandria, just to get Josie out of her hair. More betrayal follows. Why, she wondered?

The Guide for the Perplexed (1904)

Who cared, in the end? It must sound alien to scientists. For philosophers like me, post-truth also goes against the grain.

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Post-truth refers to blatant lies being routine across society, and it means that politicians can lie without condemnation. In a post-truth world, this expectation no longer holds. This can explain the current political situation in the United States and elsewhere. Public tolerance of inaccurate and undefended allegations, non sequiturs in response to hard questions and outright denials of facts is shockingly high.

Repetition of talking points passes for political discussion, and serious interest in issues and options is treated as the idiosyncrasy of wonks. The lack of public indignation when political figures claim disbelief in response to scientific consensus on climate change is part of this larger pattern.

A Guide for the Perplexed

It has become a political stance. One might be tempted to blame philosophy for post-truth.

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Some of us write about epistemic relativism, the view that truth can vary depending on the context. Yet relativism is itself relative. Condition: New. New Book.

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