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Figure 3. Number of days used inhalants in the past year among adolescents who used inhalants in the past year: As shown in Figure 3, there is considerable variation in how often adolescents used inhalants in the past year.

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In , more than half of adolescents aged 12 to 17 who used inhalants in the past year About 1 in 7 adolescents who were past year inhalant users had used on 50 to 99 days in the past year. About 1 in 13 adolescents who used inhalants in the past year had used inhalants on or more days in the past year. Because they are readily available, inhalants are often among the first drugs that adolescents use.

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NSDUH asks adolescents to identify the specific inhalants they have ever i. About 6. In contrast, less than two percent of adolescents reported having ever used each of the other substances to get high Figure 4. Figure 4. Lifetime use of inhalants among adolescents aged 12 to 17, by type: Inhalants are highly accessible, cheap, and easy to hide; they are also addictive and deadly.

Inhalants are particularly appealing to adolescents for many reasons; they are legal, low cost, and easy to acquire.

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Adolescents who engage in inhalant use are at an increased risk of delinquency, depression, suicidal thoughts, and drug and alcohol use. Although this report highlights that the majority Therefore, continuing efforts are needed to educate adolescents, parents, teachers, physicians, service providers, and policymakers about the dangers and health risks of inhalant use. Table S1. National Institute on Drug Abuse.

Drug facts: Inhalants. In , the NSDUH estimate of inhalant use was expanded to include the use of felt-tip pens or computer keyboard cleaner to get high. Because of this change, estimates of inhalant use in are not compared with estimates in prior years. These estimates are not included in figures or tables in this report but may be found in Table 1. First, respondents are asked about their Hispanic origin, then they are asked to identify which racial group best describes them: White, Black or African American, American Indian or Alaska Native, Native Hawaiian, other Pacific Islander, Asian, or other.

Respondents may select more than one race. Because respondents could choose more than one racial group, a "two or more races" category is included for people who reported more than one category i. The Hispanic or Latino group includes Hispanics of any race. Findings are discussed for four U. Department of Agriculture.


Nonmetropolitan counties in the three urban-sized categories were further subdivided by whether the county was adjacent to one or more metropolitan areas. A nonmetropolitan county was defined as adjacent if it physically adjoined one or more metropolitan areas and had at least 2 percent of its employed labor force commuting to central metropolitan counties.

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