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He who descended is Himself also He who ascended far above all the heavens, that He might fill all the things. And He went down the lower parts of the earth, simply speaking of the degradation, the humiliation of Christ all the way down. He comes back into the glories of heaven with all the captives that He set free from the domain of darkness. So, the eternal God, rich, becomes poor, humbled into human flesh, killed, executed at the cross. Although free and sovereign over all the created powers of the universe, He Himself comes under the powers, tastes the full measure of their thrust, even to the cross.

And for our sake, He did it. For our sake He did it. And that takes us to the third point. We see the riches of Christ, the poverty of Christ, and thirdly, the purpose.

1 Peter was written primarily for the benefit of Christians who were suffering from

The purpose clear, that you, through His poverty, might become rich. All of that for you, for your sake. To make poor sinners rich. Materially rich? Spiritually rich? Eternally rich?

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Rich with what? Rich with what riches. Rich with the same riches that he possessed and possesses. Rich in salvation, forgiveness, joy, peace, life, light, glory. Rich in honor.

Rich in majesty. We are so rich we are called joint heirs with Christ. We are promised and inheritance, incorruptible and undefiled that fades not away, laid up for us in heaven. We are rich.

We are as rich as He is rich, and we were really poor. That implies our poverty. We have nothing to commend ourselves. We are as poor as poor can be. We hunger and thirst for the basics, and He came to make us rich, to make us as rich as He is rich. In fact, if His riches is in being God, then our riches is being made like Him.

Sermon: "A Generous Reward" on 2 Corinthians 9:6-15

The very life of God dwells in us. We live and yet Christ lives in us. We are the possessors of the eternal life of God. We will be made like Him. We will reflect His glory. We will own His heaven. We will possess the eternal glory of the new heaven and the new earth and all that it contains. And we will possess the New Jerusalem, the crown jewel of eternity.

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And the immaterial joys and glories will be ours. We are the rich. We are joint heirs.

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We reign with Him; we sit on His throne. We are rich in position. We are rich in privilege. We are rich in relationship. We are blessed with all spiritual blessings in the heavenlies in Christ Jesus. Everything there is that can bless we are given. And, beloved, you can never forget that it was by His self-imposed and willing poverty that Jesus made us rich.

This self-emptying, this self-sacrificing love by which we are so blessed and for which we are so thankful is exactly, Paul says, the reason why we need to give to others.

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As He stooped to be poor to make others rich, so must we. What a standard. That is a very, very strong concept, and that is exactly what Paul is saying. Can we eagerly receive all that the poverty of Christ gives us and divest ourselves of nothing on behalf of someone else? The Lord has created a community of people who share their life and their resources, who are willing to become poor to make someone richer. There are not two worlds; there is one. Money for relief of those who are poor is as spiritual as prayer.

It is no surprise that the discussion of the one should bring to mind the other. The offering, in fact, provided an occasion for teaching the meaning of Christology. And Christology informed and elicited the offering. In other words, Paul saw the offering as an expression of the central truth of Christianity, and that is that Christ made Himself poor to make somebody else rich.

How about you? He who was rich became poor that we might be made rich. And that is the pattern and the model, Paul says, for how we treat those around us, among the saints, who also are poor. Are we willing as He was? Our Father, again this morning, the Word cuts to our hearts, and we struggle to find our equilibrium and our balance and know how You want us to respond.

On the other hand, You have said that the very one who set the example, whose example we must follow, if we say we abide in Him, we need to walk as He walked, was willing to divest Himself of whatever it took to meet the needs of those He loved. Lord, may we be eager to sacrifice to meet the needs of those around us who are Your children who cry out to us. How can we say we love You and close our compassion to those around us? Help us to find that balance between enjoying all that You have made, enjoying all the richness that You provide, and holding it ever so lightly that it might be shared with those in need.

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Lord, what a stewardship we have of everything we possess. And may we use it, enjoy it, give it in any case. May we demonstrate the sincerity of our gratitude to You and our love. May You know by what we do with all that we possess the priorities of our hearts. Thank You for the good things, the richness of life, the bounty. But, Lord, give us a tender heart toward those in need so that we may be truly sons of God. We pray in the name of Christ, amen. Help Grace to You bring important resources like this to people in your community and beyond, free of charge. Here at Grace to You Europe we take our data protection responsibilities very seriously and, as you would expect, have undertaken a significant programme of work to ensure that we are ready for this important legislative change.

9. Generosity Modeled and Encouraged (2 Corinthians )

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