The Sisters Christmas Tale

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Christmas was fast approaching and was now only about four weeks away. The twins Maryanne and Jasmine were so excited.

Dee Snider on his Rock & Roll Christmas Tale

Every year their father Samuel would take them out into the woodland to find the best Christmas tree for the family. She could barely walk and spent most of her time either sleeping or in her comfy pink chair. Six months ago, the family were told the terrible news that Bethany had cancer.

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Life had suddenly changed for the family and now it was hard for Samuel to manage all the farm chores and looking after his sick wife. The girls only went to school for half a day and did the rest of their school work at home so they could help their father and mother. Bethany had always been a bubbly strong person and it was hard for the family to see her so unwell and struggling.

Somehow, she still managed to laugh and joke with the family and try to make light of her situation. Margaret offered to decorate and cook for the family. She wanted her sister to have a special Christmas and wanted the family to meet William, whom she planned to marry in the Spring. Maryanne and Jasmine made decorations for the tree and little gifts for the family. They hoped this would bring joy to their beloved mother. Two days before Christmas Margaret and William arrived.

‘A Christmas Tale’ of woes and recriminations

It was snowing lightly, and their cheeks looked red and ruddy as they walked in the door. The sisters hugged and kissed and were happy to see each other.

William stood back and observed, it was obvious how much the sisters meant to each other. Later in the evening the family all sat around a lovely warm fire and started singing Christmas Carols, Jasmine played the piano. As a masterful storyteller, Sarah prides herself on presenting an authentic Amish experience for her readers.

A Christmas Tale

Average Review. Write a Review. For me the story was kind of slow but Sarah puts a lot of emotion in it. I understand the back and forth in time, I think it was needed for this story, but sometimes I get lost in that.


I will say Sarah did a great job of writing and had a fantastic ending. I can recommend this as a good read and I have read, and will read more of, Sarah's books. What a storyteller is Sarah Price. Even though it says Christmas tale, you can read it any time of the year.

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Broadway In Chicago - Dee Snider's Rock & Roll Christmas Tale

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