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You want the conversation to be as candid as possible, but you also want to keep things on-topic. Prepare a list of questions you plan to ask that will help the customer tell their story and illuminate some of the benefits of your product or service. Do not script answers for the customer. Even though your customer testimonial video should be short, let the customer talk for as long as they need and ask all the questions you have planned. The point of this is to get the most natural conversation.

A customer testimonial video should show something other than the customer talking for at least half the length of the video. Leave out any footage of the interviewer asking questions. It distracts from the focus of the video, which is your customer. Authenticity is the key to good customer testimonials. A splash screen with your logo at the beginning or end makes the testimonial seem less than authentic. By the same token, call to action links should be included outside the video.

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Include a call to action somewhere, but not in the video itself. Check the Planet Fitness video again and think of how they used these elements to get a great testimonial video. Good for: generating sales, increasing market share, and launching new products or services. So creating product videos is a solid bang for your buck.

Before you create a product video, identify where the video will be posted. Use music to make your video brighter and more engaging.

However, avoid music with lyrics because it can be distracting. A product video is intended to persuade viewers to consider or buy your product. Make sure you include a link to the next step in the buying process in your video.

Have another look at the Solo Stove Bonfire video above to get a good sense of how all these elements work together. Social media videos might get more views than videos posted anywhere else. Over million people watch Facebook videos every day. The basics of social media videos are about the same, regardless of which social media platform you plan to use. As a general rule, any social media video should be 1 minute or less.

If you can get everything into 15 seconds, do it. Social media feeds are cluttered, so keep social media videos as short as possible. The simplest way to do this is to include captions in your video, or use on-screen text to highlight the important details. Stick to making your videos entertaining, informative, or interesting. Give your audience a way to engage with your video and learn more about your company. Follow rule 3 and skip the sales pitch in your call to action as well.

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There are several different types of social media videos. But even if you just make several versions of the same type of video, the point is to reduce the number of times social media users encounter the same video. Good for: generating sales, increasing brand awareness, and launching new products or services. Launch videos share some common ground with explainer videos. There must be a reason you created something new.

Include as much footage of your product in action as possible. This familiarizes your audience with the product and makes it immediately recognizable. GoPro uses this technique to get away with a wickedly long launch video for the GoPro Fusion.

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Think of the initial questions your audience is going to have and be sure to answer them in your launch video. Good for: generating sales, building brand awareness, and launching a new product or service. Promotion videos differ from launch videos in two major ways:. Promotion videos are designed to generate interest in a product that will make your other marketing more profitable once the product launches. Since it could be a while before customers actually get your product or service in their hands, the quality of your promotion video is an implicit statement about the quality of the product.

So take your time in planning and producing your promotion video. This one is pretty simple.

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Avoid spending a lot of time explaining the product in your promotion video. Save that for the launch video and explainer. In the promotion video, just promise some benefits. This creates anticipation, which is exactly what you want. A promotion video often has very little actual information about the product. The Double Fine Adventure Kickstarter Campaign uses this technique incredibly well to keep you engrossed for the entire four minutes.

Give the Four Hour Body promotion video another look and note how well all three of these objectives are achieved. No matter which type of video you decide will be best for your objectives, the major steps of creating a marketing video are essentially the same.

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The process is part creative pursuit and part strategic planning and organization. We mentioned it earlier, but it bears repeating that you should have clearly established objectives before you start this process. This is where the creative work begins. The best way to tackle this process is to frontload it with a lot of brainstorming. Come up with as many ideas and approaches as you can, and let your team share ideas and check out other marketing videos for inspiration. Quickly toss ideas that are obvious nonstarters.

However you do it, the cardinal rule of this part of the process is to emerge with only one idea. If there are two or three ideas you think are amazing, make two or three different videos. In reality, making a video without a script or a storyboard is inefficient and the results are often unprofessional. However, not everybody has access to a professional for this part.

A decent camera or even your phone is enough to make decent videos. The biggest problem will be recording sound, as the sound you get from most phones or even cameras with built-in microphones, will be terrible. Our advice is to get a good microphone if you can, and learn the basics of using it. Now comes the fun part where you get to go out and film stuff with your camera.

The biggest thing here is to get multiple shots of each scene. One easy way to make your shots interesting and professional is to stick to the rule of thirds. Rather than centering everything in the frame, offset the subject to the left or the right third of the screen. There are a lot of video editing options. The Microsoft Photos app has video editing capabilities, and iMovie is an inexpensive option for Mac users. Use transitions to keep your scene changes from being too abrupt, and include text overlays or some visual design elements for a professional finish.

This is usually the easiest part. You should be able to determine the best places to post your video based on your objectives. Most places that host videos have easy workflows for uploading and publishing content. Making marketing videos can be daunting. Video marketing software like Biteable makes the video production process much easier and takes care of most of the technical work. Create an account using your email address, Facebook account, or Gmail account. Use the timeline at the bottom of the page to add, edit and rearrange scenes in your video.

If you need more help with the editor, check out our detailed guide here. You can either choose a track from our free library or upload your own.

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It may take a few minutes, depending on how many scenes are in the video. You can embed your video on your website or publish it to Facebook or Twitter.

Making videos with Biteable looks a lot easier than doing all the technical stuff yourself, right? Here are some of the marketing videos you can create using Biteable:.